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  • ServiceTree provides 30 days warranty for service, so we don't use spare parts provided by customer.

Microwave Oven Service in Annanur

ServiceTree provides well experienced Microwave Oven Service in Annanur to fix your Microwave Oven, we cover Annanur and all over Chennai. We Service all Microwave Oven brands.

The stovetop and kitchen appliance could also be your kitchen's primary range of state appliances; however no house is complete while not a Microwave Oven. The Microwave Oven brings great convenience to your room by permitting you to quickly cook pre-prepared meals or heat recent ingredients, saving you time once you want it most. The Microwave Oven could appear sort of a straightforward tool, however like all room appliances; it will need maintenance and repairs.

There is no shortage of issues your Microwave Oven could face throughout its life. To assist you troubleshoot problems together with your machine, any issues related to microwave oven reach ServiceTree.

Microwave Oven Service in Annanur

Common issues in Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven won't Run

A malfunctioning door switch can even cause this drawback in each tabletop and constitutional Microwave Ovens. The door switch signals once the Microwave Oven is closed, and once the unit will begin change of state. Faults within the door switch's interlock system can forestall your unit from operation. A broken thermal fuse or ceramic fuse will forestall your Microwave Oven from running. Make certain to contact a licensed Microwave Oven repair service to resolve these issues.

Microwave Oven Runs however won't Heat

Issues with either the Microwave Oven's high voltage diode or electron tube typically cause this drawback. The electron tube produces the warmth a Microwave Oven must cook and warmth dishes, whereas the high voltage diode provides power to the electron tube. Faults with either of those components can forestall your Microwave Oven from manufacturing heat, notwithstanding its receiving power. You'll have to be compelled to enlist help from a certified appliance repair service to properly solve this issue.

Microwave Oven Touchpad doesn't respond

An unresponsive touchpad is probably going the results of a faulty membrane switch or instrument panel. The membrane switch signals the instrument panel to power specific functions within the Microwave Oven, and a membrane switch that's drained or faulty can forestall any response from the touchpad. Similarly, a faulty instrument panel is unable to power your hand-picked functions. For several householders, these elements are tough to mend, need help from a knowledgeable Microwave Oven repair technician.

Microwave Oven receptacle won't flip

A broken drive motor typically ends up in a receptacle that won't flip. The drive motor provides the rotating motion necessary to spin your receptacle, and replacement the motor can probably resolve the matter. You'll additionally have to be compelled to replace the drive motor coupling. If you face problem in replacement of these components, make certain to contact knowledgeable appliance repair technician.

Microwave Oven's fan doesn't Work

If your unit's fan isn't operating, there could also be a tangle with its charcoal filter or grease filter. These filters absorb mobile pollutants and grease that are created whereas change of state, and over time will become clogged. A clogged filter can forestall your fan from operating, and cleansing or replacement of the filter can probably fix your drawback.

Microwave Oven is creating Excessive Noise

A noisy Microwave Oven may be the results of any range of problems, as well as a faulty drive motor, roller guide, magnetron, cooling fan, or high voltage diode. To diagnose this drawback, you'll probably have to be compelled to open apart your appliance to look at its internal elements. Ultimately, it's suggested that you simply enlist help from a knowledgeable Microwave Oven skilled worker to resolve this drawback.


    Microwave oven Service Charges in chennai

    Microwave oven serviceCharges
    Microwave service (Per visit Inspection charge) 149

    Why ServiceTree


    Lowest inspection Charge

    If you are availing the service, no inspection charge only pay the service charge, Incase not availing the service you have to pay the inspection charge of Rs.149


    30 days warranty

    All appliance services are covered by 30 days warranty any issues with in our warranty period please reach us immediately

    Trusted technicians

    ServiceTree provides services only from trusted technicians.

    Transparent pricing

    Get a complete rate card before availing the service, no more surprises on pricing. No hidden charges, you would know your options.

    Pay after service

    We go the extra mile for our customer's convenience with multiple payment modes-choose to pay before or after availing the services, either online or offline.

    Excellent customer support

    You can rely on us for any service assistance. We would be glad to answer your queries via call or e-mail reach us. We would love to hear from you.


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    What is the Microwave oven service cost in Chennai?

    Microwave oven service cost vary based on problem, so at ServiceTree keep the inspection charge as very low at Rs.149/-, Once our microwave oven technician inspect the machine and provide quote.

    Microwave oven serviceCharges
    Microwave service (Per visit Inspection charge)₹ 149

    Do you provide warranty?

    Yes, we provide 30 days warranty for all appliance repair and service.

    What is inspection charge?

    If you are availing the service, no inspection charge only pay the service charge, Incase not availing the service you have to pay the inspection charge of Rs.149

    Do you accept online payment?

    Yes, you can pay online with multiple payment modes credit / debit card, netbanking, etc…

    Do you have customer support helpline?

    Yes, you can reach our customer support 8 AM to 8 PM on all seven days 044 4011 4081 .

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