Hob Service in Chennai

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  • We provide 30 days warranty for service
  • Best price guarantee
  • If you are availing the service, no inspection charge, only pay the service charge. Incase not availing the service you have to pay the inspection charge
  • Service charge = labour charges + spare parts / consumable charges. If spare parts and consumables used charges will be collected along with labour charge
  • While using online payments, less than Rs.2000 no charges, more than Rs.2000, 2% + GST additionally charged for payment gateway fee
  • ServiceTree provides 30 days warranty for service, so we don't use spare parts provided by customer.

Hob Service in Chennai

ServiceTree provides best experienced hob technicians, our Hob repair and service costs are very competitive also we provide 30 days warranty for hob service. We keep our inspection charge very low in market. If you are booking hob service with ServiceTree, you will not have to worry about quality and after service support, we provide excellent customer support. You can avail our service to repair your hob or do a general cleaning service.

All hob technicians could not service all kind of hob models and brands, some hob service technicians are not familiar with certain brands. At ServiceTree we have technicians to service all kind of hobs, based on your model and brand we will send the experienced technician to your door-step

Hob Service in Chennai

Common Hob Issues

When you mostly do cooking on a Hob, it becomes very troublesome for you when the Hob starts having any problems. There are different kinds of hobs available in the market, all with different features and functions. Knowing your type of Hob can narrow down the possible cause of the fault.

Take a look at some of the most common Hob malfunctions

  • Erratic flames in the gas hob

  • If the flames from your gas cooker look yellow, uneven or smaller than normal, this shows that there may be debris in the gas burner or jets. A technician should remove the burner and see the blockages and clean the parts properly with warm water and detergent. The blockages shouldn't be clean with harsh chemicals or wires as this could cause harm and make the problem worse.

  • Gas leak from a gas hob

  • If the smell of gas is stronger than normal, you may have a gas leak from the Hob. Turn off the gas Hob and open your doors and windows to allow air in Call the technician immediately. It is worth considering installing a gas detector that sounds an alarm if the levels surpass safety threshold.

  • Cooking plate of electric Hob not heating up

  • If one of the cooking plates of your electric Hob is not heating up, this is a sign that cooking plates element may be flawed and you need to call the technician for repair/replacement. You could also face issues with the cooking plates if you use pans with irregular bases, so replace old pans with new ones.

  • Unable to adjust heat

  • If the heat level can't be adjusted, it could be an indication that the ignition switch is defective. Now you need to turn off the switches, unplug the burner and fit it into a different receptacle to see if that one works. Any non-functioning switches should be replaced.

  • Electricity gets tripped

  • When you turn on the electric Hob and the electric system gets tripped, you need to unplug the other appliances on the same circuit and reset the fuse box.

    If the electricity gets tripped again, you need to call a technician as there could be a problem with the circuit or the power plug could be damaged.

  • Flashing symbols

  • The flashing symbol is a sign that you are continually pressing a switch, even when you are not. This could happen because of accumulated dirt that might be causing the error. You could clean the Hob. However, cleaning might also cause the issue if any part of the Hob is still wet, so use a hairdryer to remove any damp. You could also try rebooting the power switch for the hob. But if that doesn't work, you need to get the touch board replaced. You could call a technician to install a replacement touch board.


    Hob Repair and Service Charges in chennai

    Hob serviceCharges
    Hob Repair(Inspection Charge Per Visit) 149
    Hob Repair(Inspection Charge Per Visit) 149
    Hob General Cleaning Starts At 349

    Why ServiceTree


    Lowest inspection Charge

    If you are availing the service, no inspection charge only pay the service charge, Incase not availing the service you have to pay the inspection charge of Rs.149


    30 days warranty

    All appliance services are covered by 30 days warranty any issues with in our warranty period please reach us immediately

    Trusted technicians

    ServiceTree provides services only from trusted technicians.

    Transparent pricing

    Get a complete rate card before availing the service, no more surprises on pricing. No hidden charges, you would know your options.

    Pay after service

    We go the extra mile for our customer's convenience with multiple payment modes-choose to pay before or after availing the services, either online or offline.

    Excellent customer support

    You can rely on us for any service assistance. We would be glad to answer your queries via call or e-mail reach us. We would love to hear from you.


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    What is the hob service cost in Chennai?

    Hob service cost vary based on problem, for hob general cleaning we provide fixed price on the website for hob repair we can provide quote after inspection. Find the complete hob service charges.

    Hob serviceCharges
    Hob Repair(Inspection Charge Per Visit)₹ 149
    Hob Repair(Inspection Charge Per Visit)₹ 149
    Hob General Cleaning Starts At₹ 349

    Do you provide warranty?

    Yes, we provide 30 days warranty for all appliance repair and service.

    What is inspection charge?

    If you are availing the service, no inspection charge only pay the service charge, Incase not availing the service you have to pay the inspection charge of Rs.149

    Do you accept online payment?

    Yes, you can pay online with multiple payment modes credit / debit card, netbanking, etc…

    Do you have customer support helpline?

    Yes, you can reach our customer support 8 AM to 8 PM on all seven days 044 4011 4081 .

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