About Us

ServiceTree is an ultra-convenient solution to book local services and avail services from home. We bring service at your fingertip-It connects customers with trusted service providers. The outstanding features of ServiceTree are its trusted service providers, transparent pricing and the multiple payment option of billing after delivery of service. We list trusted service partners and provide authentic ratings from real customers. We are a one-stop service solution to all your everyday needs!

ServiceTree is incubated by Founder Institute (www.fi.co), a silicon valley–based premier start-up accelerator.

The Idea

People commonly search for service providers on Google or yellow pages then they get the phone number of the service provider and call using their smartphone. The concept of Yellow pages was introduced in 1886 and telephone was invented in 1876. In the present world, both are archaic ideas if you are trying to call the business using your smartphone for booking.

We kept our focus on finding a solution to this long standing issue and narrowed in on eliminating persistent probable issues like receiving spam calls from multiple vendors or payment hassles posed from many service apps which leave the customer hanging to dry after payment or multiple logins. In such cases, a customer is neither happy nor at peace.

So, we made it our sole goal to understand the immediate needs of people in this fast paced world, along with the service gaps in what is currently available in the market. An idea was born ServiceTree - the new age booking app/website.

ServiceTree is a singular, simple and comprehensive booking platform with which users can book local services at the touch of an icon and avail services like call driver, healthcare, elder care services and many more at home with multiple payment options including-payment after service along with transparent customer feedback avenues to assure the best of the best.